Most Deadly Wars in Human History

World War I

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The World War I has started on 28 July, 1914 and ended 11 November, 1918. In1914 assassination of Austria’s Archduke Ferdinand is the starting spark of this one of the most deadly wars of the human history. Before this assassination incident, there were already defense alliances between countries, like: France, Britain and Russia had formed Triple Entente. On the other hand, Germany and Austria-Hungary were strong allies as known as Central Power. After Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia 30 different country involved the World War I including Italy, Ottoman Empire and USA

At least 9 million soldiers and 10 million civilians were killed during battles and other incidents related to World War I. The most deadly battle of the war was Battle of the Somme which took place around river Somme and lasted from 1st of July and 18th November in 1916 between Germany and France-Britain alliance. This battle caused over 1 million soldiers death.

There are many important results of this deadly War on human history. This war brought ends to four monarchy regimes namely: the Ottoman Empire, Austria-Hungary, Germany and Russia. The Ottoman Empire officially had collapse as a consequence of the World War I. USA has become the strongest economy and military power for the first time and since that day it has not changed.

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