Symptoms and Types of Bioplar Disorder

Cyclothymia and Mixed Mania

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These two types of bipolar disorder is less common when compared to other types of bipolar disorder.


This type is milder version of the disorder which has symptoms very similar to bipolar II. The only difference is intensity. Without proper treatment, Cyclothymia patients have under risk of having bipolar I or bipolar II.

Mixed Mania:

The patients who have mixed mania type of this mental disorder usually experience the symptoms of the depression phase and manic phase simultaneously. It doesn’t mean they live all the symptoms every time. You can think of it as a phase of disorder. To summarize, patients with this type of disease sometimes see the symptoms of both manic and depression phases and sometimes they are just normal. During symptom state, patients are often extremely irritable.

In general, bipolar disorder is hard to diagnose, but this type is the hardest to diagnose, because everyone has bad days and everyone can be irritable from time to time. Patients most of the time cannot understand what he is having, most of the time family and friends can detect disorder. You can suspect that you or one of your friend or family member has this type, if suspected one frequently has bad days and particularly if one is saying “I don’t know why I am so bad-tempered, I cannot control myself”

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