Symptoms and Types of Bioplar Disorder

Types of Bipolar Disorder

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There are four main types of this mental disease. However, two of them is pinpointed more frequently than others. Names of these types are: Bipolar Disorder I (manic depression), Bipolar Depression II, Cyclothymia and Mixed.

Bipolar Disorder I:

It is the classic type of the bipolar disorder and also known as manic depression. The differences between phases are very clear and easier to diagnose when compared other types. Phases are more extreme in this type. Patients who have this type of bipolar should immediately see a doctor.

Bipolar Disorder II:

This type is more common than the other types. Although bipolar I and Bipolar II is the most common ones, bipolar II is four times frequent than bipolar I. In this type symptoms is not as severe as bipolar I. This actually made the type harder to diagnose. Manic phase of this type is called as hypomania. This type can be seen as more tolerable when compared to bipolar I , but it often becomes worse without proper treatment.

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