Symptoms and Types of Bioplar Disorder

Mania Phase Symptoms:

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1- In this phase, patients generally feel overly happy and cheerful for long lasting periods of time. We can say that this period of illness offers false sense of elation.

2- Another symptom is changing demand on sleep. Patients need for sleep decreases in this period of the bipolar disorder.

3-Bipolar patients tend to speak too much and too fast often racing with their thoughts.

4- Feeling over energetic, restless and being very impulse is very common in this phase of the bipolar disorder.

5-People who has this disease are usually very distractible in this period. This symptom can cause severe focus problems and can ruins patients work life.

6-In this period, patients can become over self-confident about their knowledge and abilities. Being over self-confident may encourage them about the things that cannot overcome with.

7-Patients lose their impulse control in this period. This symptom together with being self-confident can be very dangerous and may cause many problems such as having risky sexual relationships, or spending all life savings on gambling or going wild on shopping, excess use of drugs/alcohol etc.

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