Symptoms and Types of Bioplar Disorder

Depression Phase Symptoms:

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1- Feeling anhedonia , which means that having no joy from life or from anything for long periods.

2-In depression phase a patient may experience decreasing interest for the activities that is used be enjoyed before. Moreover it is common to see breaking relation with family members and friends.

3-In this period, appetite of the patient significantly decrease and patient can lose weight in an unhealthy way.

4-Feeling always exhausted is very common in this period of the bipolar disorder.

5- With the effect of decrease on appetite and feeling exhausted, in this phase, patients are tend to speak slowly and as less as possible.

6- It is not surprising that to observe memory problems or focus problems in this phase.

7-Just like in normal depressions, patients are tend to think about suicide or have preoccupation of thoughts with death

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