Foods to Consume for Beautiful Skin!

Vitamin C Rich Fruits: Orange, kiwi…

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Citrus fruits and particularly Orange has known for being rich Vitamin C sources. Vitamin C which is essential for healthy cartilage, blood vessels, bones and teeth, protects skin against the effects of aging, limits the harm of cigarettes and slow down the process of wrinkles formation..

In particular, smokers should take C vitamins regularly to delay wrinkles. Other rich vitamin C source foods are broccoli, Brussel sprouts, green leafy vegetables such as parsley, kiwi, mandarin etc.. .

Consumption of fruit and vegetables is very important for skin health. Especially the vitamin C ... Kiwi is rich in vitamin C. 100 grams of kiwifruit of vitamin C (90 mg) to meet your daily needs. Be aware of that Vitamin C cannot be stored in our body. For this reason, make sure to consume vitamin C in small amounts and daily. Taking too much Vitamin C does not contribute to meet future needs.

Thanks to its antioxidant effect, Vitamin C contributes to skin regeneration by fighting free radicals and gives moisture. Vitamin C also increases collagen synthesis. Collagens has important role in skin regeneration progress. .

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