How to Get Rid Of The Belly Fat?

Belly Fat Facts


Although belly fat is usually associated with male pattern of weight gain, the belly and waist circumference region is among the most challenging areas to lose weight from, for both men and women.

Getting rid of belly fat is not only important for a good looking body but also for being healthier. Because this belly fat (or abdominal fat), is actually a mass of visceral fat around your visceral organs and it is accepted as main causes of many long term diseases including Decreased Lung Function, arterial degeneration and related heart diseases, type 2 diabetes and high cholesterol.

It's getting harder to lose belly fat as metabolism slows down in later ages. The general belief to dissolve belly fat is to do more exercises that run your abdominal muscles, but in fact it does not make any sense because regional exercises only work on muscles and there is no effect on the fat layer that covers them.

So, what should you do to lose belly fat? Here are suggestions based on researching the results.