The Incredible Helath Effects Of Love On Human Health

Strengthen the Immune System and Relieve Pain

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Increased physical contact with love and loving embraces have been observed to increase the hormone oxytocin, which causes blood pressure to fall and make people to relax.

With the increased release of endorphins, the effets of pain is diminished.

Again with the effect of endorphin and serotonin release, our immune system is strengthened and we see both the protective and healing effects of love in every disease from cold to cancer.

The immune system is our shield in cancer diseases, especially in the name of prevention. In researches related to cancer, it is stated that love-altering hormones and neurotransmitters are beneficial enhancing effects of supportive and therapeutic treatment in cancer treatment. Strengthening the immune system of love and preventing the formation of cancer cells should not be seen as a miraculous treatment.

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