Skin Beauty Tips

The Right Food and Beverages

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Many processes of your metabolism flow through the skin. For example, your skin produces D vitamins from sunlight and gets oxygen; harmful substances are being thrown out from your skin. In order to help these flows, you need to drink plenty of water (at least 2-3 liters per day). Especially when you sleep, your skin is renews itself, so you can have bright, fuller and smooth skin if you give it good material.

It is also very necessary for your skin to consume plenty of vegetables and fruit. Vegetables, fruits and nuts help you repair your skin. While consuming vegetables and fruits, make sure to have different colors of fruits and vegetables in your diet and to have a variety of nuts in the same way.

But there is also a color we need to stay away from: white. White flour, too much salt and processed sugar. Your skin needs to be kept away from any foods that include those three whites because they have aging effect on your skin. Last but most important point: You should definitely stay away from cigarettes and alcohol. Even if you are not able to quit, at least try to minimize them. You should always be careful to consume fresh, natural foods.

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