Skin Beauty Tips

Sleep is very important

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Sleeping enough is also important for your skin health and beauty as much as , healthy eating and avoiding harmful habits. At least for those over 25 years old, lack of sleep ruin their skin balance ... Here is the magical word about enough sleeping, continuity ... Therefore, sleeping three hours a week on weekdays and sleeping until noon at the weekends will not suffice. Experts say that at least 7 hours of sleep is healthy. A 7-8 hour sleep is very important for our skin as well as for our body and our brain.

Stress, sun rays, dirty air, exhaust gases are damaging our skin in our daily routine. Our skin rests at night and is repaired again. The tense muscles are relieved and our face is gaining an innocent expression again. Thus, the formation of wrinkles diminishes at nights.

Secondly, you should also pay attention to the cleanliness of your bed and your pillow beside the sleeping period. You should change your sheet and especially your pillowcases every three or four days. Dust and bacteria can damage the cells in the skin, creating tiny niches. It is a good idea to use a delicate laundry powder as much as possible when washing pillow cases and sheets. When choosing a pillowcase, I definitely recommend a flat and soft fabric; a hard or ripping fabric can cause wrinkles on your face.

Factors such as 7-8 hours of sleep (in a dark, quiet room), a clean environment, and a pillow that does not spoil your comfort may improve your skin health and beauty about 30 percent at least

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