Hair Models According To Face Shapes

Styles for Square Shaped Faces

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The most suitable and basic hair styles for those who has a square shaped face are the ones seperated to the sides. Look at Actress Keira Knightley's hair style in the picture above. The angle of her hair at the jaw level gives her face more oval shape. You can keep your hair super straight like she did. In addition, position of your nose and its shape can also affect your ideal hiar style. For example if your nose is slightly inclined to right or left you should seperate your hair in the opposite direction of this inclination.

However, we also recommend plenty of wavy and folded cuts for square faces. The waves spilling on the cheeks will add energy and motion. We can give the cheekbone more precise look, and the model can soften the stiffness of the square face, giving a softer air to the face.

If you have a square face and you like to use your hair longer, extend it as much as possible. Make sure that your hair is slightly wavy. This will make your face look thinner. Moreover, the single color and long use will also be useful in showing your face thin and long.

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